Dodge & Burn? What is that?

Dodging and burning are traditional darkroom photography techniques that decrease or increase the amount of light that reaches the light sensitive photo paper. Photographers would develop tools shaped for the specific image. Where additional detail in the shadows were desired, or if a dark area of the photo could be lighter in tone dodging and burning was implemented to affect the final print outcome. This project called for stark contrast, but tools were still required for dodging the word “DODGE” and burning the word “BURN.” These were made of cut paper and cardboard. BURN was made of a flexible paper which provided lost of interesting type variations as the light was bent and distorted. Look Mom! No Photoshop required! Well, at least not until producing the final invitation.

Milkrow designed this exhibition invitation for ArtsWorcester‘s November mailing. If your organization needs invitations designed for exhibitions, gala events, or other projects, please contact us!

  • Evoke traditional methods
  • Typographic Solution
  • Contrast
  • Photography
  • Design and Layout


"Dodge & Burn", cut paper silhouette and shadow typography created for ArtsWorcester's Dodge & Burn exhibition invitation